International House

Muses + Rebels

Public restrooms on the first floor of International House Hotel.  Graphic design pieces printed on canvas, applied to wood, epoxied, and installed as doors for the bathroom stalls.  I collaborated with Doyle Gertjejansen to adhere the canvas to the wood and E. Paul Julien to apply the epoxy.



"Big Easy Business" Craig Magraff Jr. August 26, 2013


Magdalena Gallery

Magdalena is an annual juried art exhibition inviting photographers and mixed media artists to reimagine Mary Magdalene.  Judges select 12 artists to exhibit at International House for a one-month show.  At the reception, purchase awards are issued to acquire art for the hotel’s permanent Magdalena collection on public display on the second floor.  



Gabe Flores.JPG
Gabe 2.JPG

From the Basquiat event hosted by Ekistics, I curated the graffiti panels within the Rice Mill Lofts which now features the art on floors 1-4.  Artists include Gabriel Flores, James Concannon and Brandon Odums.


"Influential graffiti artist to be remembered in splashy Bywater tribute" Robin Miller December 18, 2013

"Artist Jean Michel Basquiat's 1988 New Orleans visit celebrated in November" Doug McCash October 24, 2013


The third floor of International House hosts the artwork I created for the Charles Bukowski event.  The full narrative is on the wall next to the artwork for visitors to read about how New Orleans unleashed Charles Bukowski on the world.

NEW ORLEANS unleashes BUK, 2014  mixed media on wood  90” x 78”

Top: Collaged paper on wood, expressing Bukowski as a father, husband, poet and friend with hand written correspondence from Bukowski and poetry along the edges.

Middle: Reproduction of select pages from It Catches My Heart in its Hand and Crucifix in a Deathhand on vellum and other specialty paper with hand-torn edges – a signature of the Lujon Press.

Bottom Left: Collaged paper, plaster, acrylic, and African tea leaves on wood, featuring a New York Times article and other cited writings about Bukowski as a writer with poetry along the edges.

Bottom Right: Reproduction of the poem Young in New Orleans on hand sewn rag paper with hemp strung from a painted wooden frame.


"Charles Bukowski gets a birthday tribute at Loa bar in International House" Dinah Rogers June 20, 2014

"Bukowski Birthday Bash at Loa Bar" Liz Davaz August 15, 2014 

"A Toast to Poetry" Steven Forrester October 11, 2014