BRITNEY PENOUILH is an American artist whose interest in geology and natural environments has exerted great influence over her mixed media panels and sculptures.  Focused on the conceptual understanding of a system, Penouilh’s collage aesthetic assembles fragments of scientific text like layers of strata beneath the distressed surface of her paintings.

“With my work, I aim to unveil the depth of earth’s systems while simultaneously conveying elusiveness in our perception of the natural world.  Using a collage aesthetic, fragments of books are assembled like layers of strata beneath the distressed surface of the painting. Selected pages divulge thoughts surrounding science, culture, religion and philosophy. The painting as a whole acts as a system relating to both time and space, material and decay, action and inaction – exerted on the surface that comes from the core of its’ processes.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Penouilh studied fine art and geology at the University of New Orleans. She has done artist residencies in New York, Alaska, and North Carolina; and she continues field studies and mining exploration around the world.  Currently, Penouilh lives and works in Los Angeles, California.